My Week In Styles Plus My 'Triapple'

My Cinna Puff

I'd promised I was going to be experimenting with some 'funky' styles right? lol Let's just say I was lacking a little in inspiration last week. I still managed to get a couple of styles in and I also discovered that:

-  My braid out results have waaay better definition and look better than twist outs. You're probably wondering why it took me this long to find out? Well I've never been one for any of the 'outs' so double strand twist outs, flat twist outs, braid outs, 3 strand  twist outs (ever tried that?) were never my go to style.

Side view

- As my hair is never fully stretched most times, doing a regular 'pineapple' ( i.e. putting your hair up in a loose bun on top of your head in order to preserve the curls from your braid/twist outs) does not really work as it would mean making it too tight in order to get my hair to stay atop my head.

I found out that putting it in 3 buns works a whole lot better to preserve my curls and saves me the trouble of retwisting/rebraiding at night (meaning less manipulation). I have therefore christened this method the 'Triapple' Get it? Three pineapples :)

My Triapple :)

So the first couple of days after wash day I had a puff with which I created a few rolls on top to give it a different look and I definitely got a lot of compliments from this. I actually had to undo a few rolls a number of times to demonstrate to a couple of people how I achieved the look.

Flat twists - clearly I don't have eyes in the back of my head, look at those horrible lines

I then did a flat twist out with a couple of flat twists on the side - after the second day I braided them to stretch my hair out a little further (this is when I discovered my preference for braid outs and also the triapple) and that's how I rocked my hair till yesterday when I washed and deep conditioned.

The one thing I noticed all week long was how little shedding I got - my hair was nice and strengthened - thanks to my loving treatments the week prior. I will definitely be doing the egg and mayo hair mask more often to give it the much needed strength.

Till my next post



  1. I really like your cinna puff and that glorious twistout! I should do a protein treatment soon o. Been a while

    1. Thank you Sandra!! What sort of protein treatment are you looking at doing?

  2. I love especially the last style, looks great. I just cut my hair recently and was looking for info on how to maintain short natural hair to make it look good when I stumbled on this blog. Could you please help with tips on products to use? I am in Lagos. Thanks

    1. Thank you Lilian! Sure. Ideally what you need would be a sulfate free shampoo, a rinse out conditioner, a deep conditioner, a daily moisturizer, a natural oil, a wide tooth seamless comb and a satin bonnet/scarf. There are so many brands to choose from - Shea Moisture, Shea Radiance, Design Essentials, Keracare, As I am etc. If you have any more questions, please email at Good luck!

  3. I really like what you do to your hair.Very creative.


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