Playing around with my Hair

I decided that this week I would not put my hair up in a puff - it's so common for me these days that it's made me creatively lazy. So on Tuesday I wore my hair out in an afro after taking down the braids I'd put my hair in the day before to allow to air dry after washing.

Wednesday, I took out a banana clip and created a u part in front of my hair, made 2 chunky twists and pinned them down. Then I put the rest of the hair in the banana clip and created 2 flat twists with the hair that was in the clip.

When I got home, I felt like playing around with my hair to create a new look I could dress up if I wanted to. I took out the Banana clip, created a part on either side of my head and made 2 flat twists and then with the rest of the hair, rolled tucked and pinned as I felt my way around lol.

So this is what I came up with. I was the only one at home and wanted to get a picture of the back so had to go to a neighbour and have her daughter take the picture for me :)

I wore it out today and everyone loved it!! I shall definitely add this to my style repertoire.

Till my next post