Cinna - Puff of Life!

So I had this client come in last week saying she wanted to get a treatment, trim and then style her hair. She let out it was her birthday and wanted her hair pulled up into a puff and then styled into cinnabuns and I made sure to give her a great birthday look!

She's got thick hair and after her treatment, I blow dried her hair alternating between cool air and warm air.

Then trimmed it and pulled it up away from her face into a puff (I've recently found that in the absence of pantyhose, a strand of marley hair or kinky hair also does the same trick).

I then took little chunks of hair and created this lovely look for her which everyone loved! I am now so tempted to take out my crochet braids and style my hair like this lol..

Oh well, I shall strive to be patient and this shall be done on my hair as soon as I take out my current protective style!