Rocking Some Harlem 125 Durban Twist Hair!!

I came across this hair during one of my usual Instagram haunts - saw it on this lovely lady @kiitana and the thing that I liked immediately was the natural curl pattern. It already has that twist out look without you  having to go through all the trouble of twisting/rodding and then dipping in hot water.

After searching through her comments, found out it was something called Harlem 125 Durban Twists and made my merry way to purchase some!

As I've been playing with color recently, I decided on something bright and beautiful :) and settled on this color  RT33V which is basically red with black roots.

The strands are quite thick and I didn't want to have to too much hair on my head so last Monday night after I'd rocked my own hair for 3 days lol, I came home, did 7 straight back plaits and crocheted about 4 and a half packs into my hair.

Was done in about an hour and a half and I have to say, even though I had my doubts about the color originally; I really like it!

It has a different look to it and doesn't feel heavy at all. The one thing though is I have to be careful with touching it a lot as it seems to have a tendency to get frizzy. I make sure my satin bonnet is on once I'm home so I don't go lying down and rubbing it everywhere and in the morning, I shake and go! I also have access to my scalp so I can spritz my hair as often as I want and also oil my scalp from time to time.

All in all, I'm glad I decided to get this done! This shall be my protective style for the next month Lord willing then it's on to the next!


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    1. Thanks! We have the pre twisted hair in Afro twist and Havana Mambo Twist but I don't know if this particular brand has a pre twisted version.

  2. You totally rocked it ..I like

  3. You totally rocked it ..I like

  4. Hello, wondering if you have this Durban twist in stock

    1. Hi, yes we still do. Just this red color left though - all other colors are finished. Thanks!!

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    3. Please is it still in stock now