I Am Loving These Havana Mambo Crochet Twists!!!

I'd been seeing them all over Instagram - particularly the handle of @beautydepot which is a store that retails them. I particularly love the fact that you can wear it as twists or you can unravel the twists for a twist out look!

I mean what could be more fabulous - you can fake it and not have to worry about this crazy humidity in Lagos messing with your twist out (which never last beyond 48 or so hours).

I had someone order for me in the States and before she could even find them ehn! Practically all stores were sold out (that's how popular they are apparently) but eventually she got some for me and we took delivery last week!

A customer came in today and decided to try them out and in about an hour, we were done!

 I'm so excited! I desperately want to try them but I'm determined not to take out my current style till I have it in for at least a month.

I wanted purple but she wasn't able to get that color so will have to pick from the others that I have and when I do have them done, you'll definitely be seeing the pictures!!


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  2. Please How can I get the Havana Mambo Twist 12"

    1. Hello Anke, you can get some at our store. Our address is on the Home Page and you can also email us at info@klsnaturals.com