Faking an Afro With Bulk Marley Hair.

Sometimes you just want to wear a fabulous Afro and not have to worry about whether you have enough volume, the shrinkage that is bound to come and over manipulating your hair. At times like that, Bulk Marley Hair is an absolutely fantastic go to!

It creates a voluminous afro (you can make it as big or as small as you want) and you can style it in various ways while keeping your own hair away.

Bulk Marley Hair comes in different lengths (the more popular ones being 24 and 36 inches) and you don't have to worry, these measurements mean when the hair is stretched and not when it's in its shrunken state.

I love bulk hair because it really mimics the natural hair texture in its unstretched state so it looks very real.

For this client of ours, we wanted to give her something a bit more interesting instead of a typical afro so we decided to give her some definition by weaving one portion of her hair, giving her a 'sleeker' look.

The rest of the hair was then woven in interconnected cornrows and then the bulk hair was crocheted in. Once we were done, the hair was trimmed (considerably as she's a corporate professional and had to have something work appropriate).

The results? Beautiful! Even if I say so myself :)


  1. Very cute and she does look like a classy professional!

  2. Really nice! Do you have this bulk marley hair in your salon? I would love to have mine done as well.

    1. Hello Isoken. No we don't. Olori.com.ng have the Janet Nor version though so you could check that out.

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