Got Me Some Goodies From Nubian Roots And Brazen Curls.

I love what I do!! Apart from the fact that I get to create lovely hairstyles for equally lovely ladies, I also sometimes get free stuff to try out on myself and my wonderful clients. My latest haul is two fold; the first from Nubian Roots and the other from Brazen Curls : with the respective brains behind each brand being Nigerian Female - can I get a whoop whoop!!

I am absolutely thrilled with the stuff ladies here are doing. Quite apart from the bold enterprenuerial spirit; is the creativity and innovation that you find. I mean there's Lolade Cameron Cole of Namaste Organics ( I looooooooove her black soaps and body butters!!!!) Toyin Oniru of Inner Beautee,  NN of Natural Nigerian, Atilola of African Naturalistas, Toyin Odulate of Olori Cosmetics and more that I probably haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet.

Nubian Roots is the baby of Ibilola Sowemimo while the Founder/ CEO of Brazen Curls (same Company as Midas Naturals) is Dr. Somi Dokpesi - Igbene.

When you speak to them and/or read their stories, the common thread you find running through their respective reasons for producing the products they do, is a desire to bring to African women, products more suited to and healthier for our skin and hair.

I have used and still use products from Namaste, Inner Beautee, Natural Nigerian, African Naturalistas and Olori cosmetics and Midas Naturals and can testify personally to the efficacy of these products. I shall be trying out my new stuff from Nubian Roots and Brazen Curls and I'm sure they won't disappoint either.

The Nubian Roots line is for both hair and body and comprises of body washes, face masks, hair oils, cleansers and Masks. I got the Shea Coco Hair Butter (Rosemary Mint), Deep Conditioning Hair Masque and Sulphate Free Hair Cleanser.

You can visit them here to see more of their products and what they promise to do.

For the Brazen Curls, I got the Kiwi Moisturizing Shamoo, Kiwi Creme Leave in Conditioner, Nourish and Grow Elixir, Kiwi Restorative Deep Conditioner and the Kiwi Moisture Rich Hair & Body Butter.

For more on Brazen Curls, you can visit here as well.

I can't wait to try out all these goodies and shall definitely be bringing you my reviews on what each one was like, detailed information on their ingredients, etc.


  1. Hahaha! Indeed, Nigeria isn't smiling. Do share your reviews soon!

    1. No smiling oh!!. Reviews coming up very soon....