Rocking Some Temporary Colour.

So I got hit by the 'color bug' again but just like the last time, I wanted to rock some color without the full commitment to a permanent (or even semi permanent) color. What else was there to do but to buy some more of the High Beams Intense Temporary Spray - I love this stuff!!

Previously I'd used Auburn but this time I wanted something even bolder so I bought 2 different colors - Rock Star Red ( Yeah Baby!!) and Honey Blonde. I literally sprayed the entire contents of the rock star red on my head lolll. I added a bit of the honey blonde and this is the result.

It's been 2 days now and because it comes off so easily, I have refrained from doing anything to my hair that will involve a lot of touching. Last night I just wore my satin bonnet and this morning, I took it off, and fluffed out my hair ( which of course had shrunk considerably). I've been asked a few times 'what hair is this' lollll!

Now for anyone who's interested in using this I'll give you a few pros and cons.

- You get intense color in an instant
- This doesn't lift your cuticles for color to penetrate but instead deposits it on top of your strands - minimizing any chance of damage
- You can do this yourself
- It washes off clean
- You can switch up colors as often as you want

- This rubs off pretty much everything so you have to be careful what you're leaning against - particularly when you have really bright colors sprayed in
- There's not much you can do with your hair while its sprayed on as you'll get most of the color on your hands
- You have to stick to whatever hair style you have in for the period you have the color in - switching up styles means color on your hands, combs etc.

Ah well, I have a wedding reception to attend tomorrow and I'm thinking I'm going to have to get some sleek glam looking 'do going.

Off to wash this off!


  1. I like the "temporary" part... not so much the "rubs off on everything" part.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Quick fix for that colour itch.
    I like it and yes it looks like a wig on your head.

  3. What Berry said. Looks good all the same!

  4. Co-sign on what Berry said. That was my issue with hair chalk. I love the vibrant colour though