My Gorgeous September and October Brides

Soft side swept curls
Here I was, going through my pictures and realised I hadn't put up my brides in the last 2 months.

Forgive me

While I have 3 brides to showcase/talk about, I only have pictures for 2 of them - if you've read any of my blog posts on my brides, you will automatically know why I don't have proper pictures of the 3rd bride. Yup - mad dash at the end!

Anyways, first up is my bride Tolu - she was very very clear about what she wanted - soft curls swept and pinned to the side of her face. Her trial was very quick - I put in some clip ins and held it to the side and she was like 'yes!! That's it!' and that was it! :)

So with her Clip ins (Heat Free For Kurls) I conditioned and blow dried, then using my curling wand, created soft curls and loosely pinned up on the side. That was it!!!

Absolutely loved it!

Second up is my bride Ada - we tried a few things but settled on a simple side do with detailing in the back. For Ada, we crocheted some marley hair in to the back of her hair and then created this 'Flower' in the back for her.

Gorgeous lady!! Loved her make up too - so sweet and subtle.

I have to say I had a lot of fun laughing while getting her hair done and waiting for her to get dressed. First of, she'd come off as very quiet and reserved all through our consultations - only for me to see another side of her that morning! She was a very 'turnt up' bride to be!!! Lolll.
Then her brother in law totally cracked me up. He was making everyone laugh with his quips and jokes then dude came up to me, looked me in my eye and was like 'I like you, do you have a guy?'

I'm like yea and he goes ' I don't like that nigga' lolll. His expression and tone of voice just had me in stitches. Needless to say it was a fun morning.


  1. Lovely post!! I like these hair styles. At one of the best Hairstyling Schools Toronto I also learned such creative hair styles. Anyway, thanks for more ideas!!

    1. Thank you for the compliment - glad i'm able to inspire!

  2. These are so beautiful Kemi! Are they on IG yet?

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Awww thank you Berry!! Yes they are actually xo

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