And the winner of Our First Giveaway Is........

Coming later than planned but today has been one of those excruciatingly long days that hasn't ended yet as I have some prepping to do for my bride tomorrow morning.

So I got 5 entries  - out of which 4 were correct (The title of my first post was 'Hair We Go' not 'Here We Go' :) and using the random number generator, I'm excited to say, we have a winner!!

Congratulations Sandra N.U! Details of the venue will be sent to you be email. Looking forward to having an amazing time with you next Sunday!!!


  1. Yayyyyy! I'm so excited! Thank you so much. I look forward to it

  2. I tried to comment on the workout post but for some reason, the comment option isn't coming up. Anyway, having tried 6week 6pack and 30day shred, my hip hop abs seemed really slow. I couldn't take 5minutes of it. The only part of it that I could stand was the "abs in a hurry" 7minute dvd in the hip hop abs set.. That's just me sha..

    1. Hmm not sure what the problem was with the comment section. Ah! I hope I like the hip hop abs oh! It looked like fun watching clips of it on TV! Anyway I'll know by next week.....