Fun At The Savvy And Chic Garden Party!!

My Floral Dress :)

Lovely Set Table with us lovely ladies having a chat :)

It was fun all the way at the Savvy and Chic Garden Party yesterday evening (then the rain tried to ruin it all but we overcame! lol)

Beautiful Dabs

To bring everyone else who hasn't read the previous posts up to speed: Dabs the lady behind, The Savvy and Chic Hub and The Savvy and Chic Magazine, decided to bring a few bloggers together to have a chilled time, talking, networking and pretty much learning from one another. She'd also given each blogger the opportunity to bring one of their readers as a +1.

Gotta show my toned legs :)

From the minute I'd received the invitation from Dabs, I knew I would be in for a pleasant visual stimulation  - the card was all pretty and floral and when she said the theme for the day was 'Florals' she certainly wasn't joking!

Dr. Sandra -  my +1

She'd said 3pm prompt so I tried to be punctual! My +1 (Sandra) wasn't ready when I got to V.I so decided to go check out the venue (which was The Social Place at Sinari Daranijo Street) and then come back and pick her up. I walked in and my goodness!! It was soooo pretty!

At first glance I thought these were flowers but they're cupcakes!! Made by Berry's talented hubby - Cakesiena 

Sandra and I

A long table had been set up in the very lush and green outside garden. There were pretty flower arrangements down the middle, a place card for each invitee (including the blogger's guests) a goody bag for everyone, and pretty florals everywhere you turned!

My Place Card

Everyone adhered to the dress code and it was such a visual delight looking at the bright colors, flowers, prints, and beautiful people that had turned up.
My Goody Bag

Just a few people were there when I got there at a little past 3 but by the time I came back after picking up Sandra, a lot more people had arrived and things were beginning to warm up.
Fab stuff in said Goody Bag!

I got to meet fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, beauty bloggers, natural living bloggers etc - quite interestingly too, a good handful of the +1's were also bloggers.
Dabs and I (I love these flower head bands she gave us!)
It was definitely fun meeting Sisi Yemmie of - she's such a soft spoken lady of few words. She's said she'd love to come get her hair done (she's natural) and that's definitely something to look forward to.

Stella of got me cracking up with her sense of humor and  taught me something about perspective and the way you could (and probably should) view negativity from people; Ada of had me laughing in wonder as she candidly voiced her opinions on a number of things, Berry of was her usual fun self and I just generally had a fun time speaking with new and familiar faces.

Alice ( Yemisi ( and yours truly :)

Berry, Alice, Doyin (of and Stella (

I definitely got a few great tips from the seasoned bloggers there as Dabs made the day as interactive as possible so a lot of ideas, opinions and advice was shared in a really relaxed way.
And the rain came down hard! Boo hoo!

The rain was quite heavy sha

The rain just had to make an appearance (not sure what's with the rain in September!) and we ended up  scampering  inside; abandoning the lovely decor - but the banter and chatter more than made up for that so it still turned out to be a great evening all round.
Lol Social Media age - everyone trying to do something with their phones.

Can't wait to see the professional pictures taken. Thanks to Alice at for some of these lovely pics And to Sandra too!


  1. Seriously, you have pictures up already *not speaking to you*.
    Meanwhile, are you open on Independence Day *running away*, lol.

    1. Lolllllllll you berra speak to me!!!! Yes we are oh.

  2. You have the post up already! You're fast o. Lovely pictures, you looked beautiful. Thanks again for having me.
    Er erm! My blog o-
    :* :*

    1. Yes dear I do! Aww thanks to you for taking a number of them! It was my pleasure having you as my +1. Will definitely be reading through your blog

  3. I can't believe you and Sisi Yemmie had energy to post the pictures yesterday!!!

    1. lolllllll In all fairness, Mondays are my rest days so I had time on my hands small.....

  4. Lovely summary ....was glad meeting u and other fabulous bloggers ....

    1. Thank you dear! It was definitely fun meeting you and everyone else!!

  5. Boohoo! Only Lagos peeps have fun! This was so beautiful. Gosh the rain ehn...smh.
    Lovely outfit. :)

    1. Awwww I know right? loll Don't mind me - see me trying to rub it in. That rain no get part 2 oh!!! Thanks luvvie!!

  6. I dey jealous all of you o. Oh well, maybe next time i would get an invite. Lovely pictures and the flower head band is really nice....

  7. You ladies have power mehn!!! See posts!

    It was indeed a fun party...I enjoyed it! KL, that goody bag content....hmmmm! :-)

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  8. Okay, so I have so many comments and questions, and you must reply them all, lol.

    1. I am so sad I missed this. Why must I be working all the time?
    2. Are you sure its just your toned legs you were showing? Hmm
    3. What was in the goody bag? Please, dash me your own.
    4. I really wanted to come and eat o
    5. Cakes is just so talented. I can't believe those are not flowers.

    1. Okay here goes lol:
      1. Err I don't know?
      2. Yes yes and Yes! I insist lolllll
      3. There was the cute floral head band, a dark and lovely oil moisturizer, a pack of headwraps, a moringa lip balm, yardley body scrub, hairven shampoo, Studio toner and anti acne moisturizer. We will negotiate oh
      4. So what stopped you ke?
      5. I'm telling you!!!!! I truly thought they were flowers

  9. Congratulations to the organizers! The event looks awesome.Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos. Lots of giveaways eh. I want one! LOL! :)