My August Brides!

So in August, I had 2 gorgeous but absolutely different brides to style. Mosun -  Viviacious, Ebony -skinned, care free, straight talker who wanted to add volume to her hair (she has a TWA) using the awesome Heat Free Hair. She'd originally wanted to get a full weave but on seeing the style that she had picked I knew a weave would not work and it would be better to use clips so the hair could be put into the sections needed for the style she wanted.
Bundle of Heat Free Hair Clip in's as advertised

Now, seeing as we were going to be using extensions, it was important that we at least had one trial run so we could see what could and could not be done or what modifications we would need to make to the style to suit her face. Challenge was she's based in Kwara and somehow we weren't able to find a day to sit down and do anything!

By the Friday evening before her wedding when she was back in Lagos, I was hyperventilating as not only had I not picked up the hair, but we hadn't even sat down to figure out how we were going to style the hair! Mosun was as calm as you can imagine lol you'd have thought it was my wedding the way i was fretting. She just said to me ' you know what? We'll just have to go with the flow' and I was like '*gulp* okay'.

Heat Free Hair 'For Kinks' before wash, condition and blow dry

She was having her Nikkai, Engagement and Reception all on the same day so I was going to have to be doing a lot of running back and forth seeing as it was Saturday and that was a busy day at the salon for me too. Took the Heat Free Hair clips home so I could wash, condition and blow dry - that kept me up till about midnight.
After Blow Drying

Early Saturday morning, got to her hotel room for half 7 so I could blow dry her hair (she'd done a deep condition the night before and rinsed out, leaving in plaits to air dry) and clip in the hair so she had something to work with when she was changing outfits during the day before we styled it for the reception.

Someone had warned me that Nikkai's take forever and I got to learn that without any prompting on that day! She'd said to me that she would be ready for me to style her hair by half 12 and so by noon, I left the salon and got to the reception - I was told she'd just 'danced' into the hall! Short of the long story, I didn't get to style her hair till past 3/almost 4.

At that point, she sat down and was like 'wo Kemi, just do whatever comes to your mind!' So it was free styling basically! loll. Thankfully, I was able to get something she liked and which everyone else liked too  - so all's well that ended well.

Bride 2 was Oyinkan - Sweet and pretty; she knew exactly what she wanted and didn't want any hair extensions. She wanted a bun that was high and wide with a little bit of volume. I showed her some pictures and after discarding one or two, she settled on a style that was a pulled up bun with the hair rolled, tucked and pinned in place.
Side view of Oyinkan's Hair

We had one trial run at the salon and she was happy with what she'd chosen. So on the D Day, got to hers for about 7, did a light blow dry (she originally didn't even want to use any heat in her hair but the hair would have been too fuzzy for her big day) then pulled up into a bun, rolled tucked and pinned everything and then put a few pins in place and placed her tiara - simple and pretty ; just like the bride!
Such a pretty lady!

I actually got back to the salon before 9 and so just jumped right into work; needless to say by the time I got home later that night, my legs were ready to collapse under me! Regardless though it was a fun day for me and I truly count myself blessed that I'm able to in some small way, contribute to the special days of natural haired brides.

Till my next post!



  1. Woot wooooooooooooooot! Great job - I know I already said it on IG.

    Meanwhile, I need to get some info and pointers from you. I'll send you a message on Whatsapp.

  2. I really really loved all the dos!!! I'm so glad I won't have to worry about who will style my hair without stress! Thumbs up!!

    1. yay!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again - let me know on time oh!!! loll Thanks doll

  3. My comment didn't show???? This is so not fair. I basically thumbed you up big time, and said that first lady does not look like a typical modern-day muslim bride.

    1. Awww thank you so much dear!!!! She wasn't oh!!!

  4. Kemi, you are truly gifted. Wished I had known you before my big day. Thumbs up, girl!

    1. Thank you so much! Your compliment means a lot to me. Don't worry I can always style your hair for an anniversary :)