Back at the Afterburn Bootcamp!!

Honestly, I battled with this one for a while. I did the Boot camp earlier this year as a way to jump start my fitness regime and it helped a great deal! I lost inches round my waist and hips, toned up my arms and legs and got my endurance and fitness levels up.

After it was done, I continued at home, using a few of  Jillian Michaels' DVD's ( my favorites being '6 week, Six pack' and  '30 Day Shred') I managed to get even more toned and developed my very own six pack!!!

I was so happy when I got here!
Alas, trouble started brewing when I started getting bored with Jillian Michaels; I'd skip a few work outs and do some push ups and core work instead (but for shorter and shorter periods of time)

Things got to a head when a bar/restaurant opened right next door to the salon! I mean, the convenience of just going next door, plopping down and having your meal was just too darned good! Sadly the only thing I ever seemed to want to eat there was rice, dodo and fried turkey!!

Work has been getting even busier and that means I'm so tired and just want to rest (excuses I know) so I wake up and just want to roll around in bed instead of listening to some chick on screen, telling me 'Don't fold this one in! You gotta fight for it!!'

Needless to say, my six pack has become six rolls!!! Well not entirely but it's not what it used to be!!!!!
It's amazing how months of  hard work can become undone in a matter of weeks!

So when I saw that Tony Ekaidem's After Burn Boot camp was starting again today, Monday the 22nd of September, I immediately called to book a spot!

This morning wasn't so bad, I wasn't unbearably out of breath or wanting to throw up lol so I guess my fitness levels aren't so bad. Not great, but not too bad either.

I've also ordered copies of T25 and Shaun's Hip Hop Abs - so these should keep me company when Boot camp is done in 6 weeks. I'm particularly looking forward to Hip Hop Abs as I like dancing so that should be fun!

I mean, look at that! If that isn't inspiration, I don't know what is! :)

I just really need to be more disciplined in the mornings really when I don't have a Boot camp class to go to. Lord help me!

If you're interested in the Boot camp, check them out here!


  1. Loooooolllll. Sorry o, at your 6 rolls. You will get there. You seem very determined.

    1. lolllll. I am oh!!!!! Hard toned abs here I come!!!

  2. Nice, keep it up dear, hopefully with time you will get your endurance back. I would have loved to attend the bootcamp, but its too far away. Nice to checkout your blog again. my weight loss blog.....

    1. Thank you dear!! I certainly hope so. Will be checking out your blog for sure!