My Uyo Bride!

So! November started on a fab note! My first bride of the month was getting married on the 1st in Uyo - Akwa Ibom State! I'd never been and it was all sorts of exciting when I found out I'd be travelling there.

Patience the bride, is a beautiful gem! Honestly!  So calm, sweet and patient! (Every pun intended lol) My flight and accommodation had been booked like a month before and she'd sent me confirmation for everything. The night before I was to leave, she called and said the clip ins she ordered hadn't arrived and would probably not arrive in time for the wedding.

I was actually leaving the salon when her call came in so ran back inside and grabbed a few packs of hair as I mentally calculated what style change we were going to have to do.

I arrived Uyo after a pleasant flight ( I love travelling but don't care much for flying) and there was a driver there to pick me. We drove to her house  (I didn't realise her traditional wedding was on that day) so  I could see her before being taken to the hotel

Patience all dolled up for her traditional wedding
Photo Credit: Pushies Makeover

Preparations were in full swing and I was served the most delicious plantain porridge! As in! Choi! The plantain was neither ripe nor too unripe - it was just RIGHT. Then it was garnished with pieces of cow leg. Ah! It was delisioso!

I was then taken to the hotel room, where I unpacked and fell into bed. I actually felt so strange lol. Here I was at about 12 noon on a Friday and I was in bed! It felt like I was doing something sooooo bad because I knew how busy it would be in the salon.

Oh well.

 I slept and slept and slept some more. Then I woke up and felt hungry again (yes I'm a foodie like that) and ordered some lunch. The lady brings in my food after almost an hour and with it, the bottle of Malta Guinness I'd ordered. I noticed on the tray there was no opener so pointed this out to her. She looks at me and asks if I want to drink it now (err, duh!) Yes, I say. She then stands by the door, contemplating God knows what and then asks me with a sweet smile ' Aunty do you mind if I open it with my teeth?'


Imagine? With her teeth? In a hotel? Where do I know her mouth has been? So we've been declared Ebola Free and everyone is running round wild? Issoright.

I just asked her to forget it and devised another means myself to get it open.

Anyway! So I ate and fell asleep again! I must have slept for close to 6 hours I think! I truly didn't realise how tired I really was. Patience came by later that night to check up on me and discuss styling seeing as everything had now changed with the non arrival of her clip ins.

Blow dried and ready

We settled on a style and she left and I was back in bed by 10.30! Honestly It was a real sleep marathon.  By 5.30 am the following morning, the driver called to say he was at the hotel. I left and we drove to her hotel which was a little distance away.

Her  hair had already been washed and conditioned so all I did was blow dry lightly to get it stretched out. I then sectioned her hair and using about 3/4 of a pack of Supreme Afro Kinky Hair, created this look for her.

She was happy, her friends and family loved it and I was happy! It was definitely a relaxing and rewarding time for me - I really wish I had more time to explore Uyo but I had to leave early that afternoon back to Lagos.

So that's how my month started! I have a few more brides from this month that I'll be bringing to you soon. Stay tuned.......


  1. Awww she's beautiful, and I like what you did to her hair.
    I just cannot get over the "can I open it with my teeth?" I forgot to breathe after I read that.
    That is a special kind of madness

    1. Thank you dear! Lol @forgetting to breathe. I almost passed out myself!

  2. *buries face in hands* @ opening the drink with teeth


    1. Hehehehehe I can almost imagine your face if you had been in my shoes!

  3. Cool, nice styling, and I gotta admit uyo is a nice place. Nice natural bride