Our Gorgeous November Bride!

 Saturday 28th was the monthly environmental sanitation and while normally I'd have an extra couple of hours sleep before heading to work, this time around I had to leave the house around 6am so I could get to Anthony before 7am and not be caught on the road due to the restrictions (I still don't understand why we have to be coerced into cleaning our environment, what does that say about us?!! Don't let me even start - that's another topic for another day)

Somehow I missed my turn when I got onto Ikorodu Road and was almost having a panic attack - luckily this nice security guard at the building I turned into, showed me an alternative route and I was able to get to my destination before 7 am. :)

Ibukun had gone through a trial with me a couple of days earlier and she was definitely a bride who had her mind set on a look and there was no swaying her from it.
We tried out a couple of things and she clearly was not feeling it as I kept gauging her face in the mirror and decoding her 'sighs' lolll.

When I changed it up and instantly she lit up, I knew we'd found the winner!She wanted sleek edges pulled away from her face and a little volume on top and we were able to give her that. For her sleek edges, I used the gorilla snot and boy! It definitely gave her a nice sleek look. I shall be using it more that's for sure - no reversion and oiliness like a few other edge controls.

I absolutely loved her dress and bouquet of red roses! Then I found out she's a designer and had designed these funky jumpsuits for her entire train. Jumpsuits? I hear you say - yup with a flowing skirted cape in the back!  I thought that was quite creative and even daring knowing how most churches in Nigeria can be loll.

All in all, it was definitely fun and I think I got a few natural hair converts waiting to emerge :D


  1. Ahhhh, no photos of the jumpsuits?!?!?

    She looks really nice. Well done as usual Kemi.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. The hair is just bam. Laiiiiid. Everything in place. I love your work KL. Awesome

  3. She looks gorgeous and has beautiful thick hair! You did a great job! Seriously I want to see the jumpsuits too! For my wedding I had also sketched similar designs, but didn't take it too seriously because of all the other work involved in planning a wedding! So kudos to her! I'm going to have to look up this Gorilla Snot because all the other usual edge products do not work for me and it's tiring getting headaches bc of wearing a scarf long enough to press my edges down.