Having Natural Hair = No Braids or Weaves?!

It's funny how in the last 4 weeks since I've had braids, I've had mixed reactions from people who haven't seen me rock braids since I went natural.  A number of people actually stop me, call me or send me messages asking me why I have braids on if I'm supposed to be natural??

I was mystified the first time it happened actually - I mean is there a memo somewhere that I missed?

 photo really_zps48241d0b.gif

I say this because a number of them actually spoke with forceful authority as to how I have no business with extensions in my hair since I'm supposed to be 'natural' lolllll

I've come to take it in my stride or laugh it off when I'm not in the mood to explain but when I am, all I say is , braids and weaves are a form of 'protective styling' that can be worn by anyone whether natural, relaxed or transitioning. They help you retain length as you don't have to worry about daily styling manipulation.

Sometimes they way I'm asked is akin to my being accused of betraying a trust/code or something - mind you, most times these questions are from non natural peeps so it makes me wonder how they came about their own interpretations of what it means to have natural hair.

I know there are people out there who don't just have natural hair but have embraced a TOTAL natural way of life - which includes the elimination of synthetic ingredients/ preservatives from diet, toiletries and hair products. Most times these changes stem from health issues or a re orientation of mind and the desire to live as holistically as possible.

I had a health issue a few years ago that has seen me eliminate a number of things from my diet and stuff I use on my skin. I try to eat as healthy as I can - but these are all personal choices based on health issues.

Heck, wearing your hair natural is a personal choice and so is the decision to use extensions or not. Abi? I'm just curious sha - so if anyone can explain these ideas to me and where they may have stemmed from, I might understand it better.



  1. Atilola was once told she was not natural compliant because she did kinky twists and had makeup on...

    Go figure.

    1. Lol! not 'natural compliant'??? I need to see this compliance manual for real tho....

    2. Loooll. yes o. You can read the post here. I was shocked when my friend said so. Currently, I have made a decision to stay off extensions for 2 years. It is my decision. And even if I use extensions, I can't the type you used cos of my hair texture. The thing is people make decisions for different reasons, so people should not start bringing out their own rules, and using to judge others.

      Anyway, read the post here. http://www.africanaturalistas.com/2013/01/you-are-not-natural-compliant.html

    3. O ma ga o! I don't even allow anyone try to make me feel like I'm doing something wrong just because I don't conform to whatever perceptions they have formed on their own.

  2. Tell me about it.......in between those that tell u discouraging things about ur hair choice nd the natural hair police itz a wonder one doesn't chop d whole hair off. I'm nt listening to anybody o. I do whatever work for me hmm hm

    1. I know right!!!! I always say, 'I'll do ME' if you don't like it, that's your headache. It's MY hair so no one should try and strong arm me into how I should or should not do stuff. KMT