Our First Giveaway! A chance to hob nob at the Savvy and Chic Garden Party.

ooooohhhhh!!! I'm so excited I'm fit to burst! lolll. Okay so I got an invitation from the lovely lady behind naijahaircangrow and Savvy and Chic Magazine - Dabs; to be a part of the Savvy and Chic garden party holding on Sunday September 28 at 3pm.

Now the event is strictly by invitation and  I've been given the added pleasure of picking one lucky reader to come with me :)

The dress code is  STRICTLY FLORALS and this has to be adhered to as they plan on (maybe) featuring pictures from the event in the next issue of their magazine.

My Paperless Invite :)

Soooooooooooooooo, seeing as this is my first giveaway, it'll be pretty straightforward. If you wish to be a part of this simply leave a comment below stating what my first ever post was titled and please include your email address.

A winner will be picked at random and announced on Friday the 19th to give the winner enough time to put together a fly floral outfit. (You best bring your game on!)

Seeing as the party is holding in VI, this competition is open to Lagos readers alone :)   If you're not in Lagos but know someone who'd love to attend,  please share this with them so they stand a chance to win.

Good luck!


  1. I guess I am a first responder...yipee! First post was titled 'hair we go'. savaj08@gmail.com.

  2. 'Hair we go'.

    I wanna go because it'll be fun to hang out with you and Dabs. I've met you both once. So this time i'll have a real meet and learn a thing or two.

    chika.enemuo@yahoo.com | Chicasa

  3. It was "Hair we go" :D
    Would be awesome to win this...

  4. I'm not a natural hair sister yet, but i hope that doesn't disqualify me.
    your first post was titled 'here we go'
    email: alisiobia(at)gmail.com

  5. Your first post was called "Hair We Go"!

  6. Thank you every one for your entries! The winner has now been picked (congratulations again Sandra!)

  7. That looks amazing on you!!! I’m usually a big fan of hair extensions, but these look pretty real!Visit Jada Hair